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is the exciting new craze taking the chess world by storm.

The game is exhilirating, fast paced & challenging, with so many twists you'll never know who is going to win.

With Joust Cards like Save King & Switch Sides you'll never know who is going to win!

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Chess prodigy Awonder Liang enjoys playing a game of DoubleCross with his brother Abel after simuls at the Marshall Chess Club in NYC

  • Tired of not being able to play chess?
  • Tired of not finding someone your level to play?
  • Tired of variants that don't keep to the rules of chess?

Then DoubleCross™ is the game for you!

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Chess in the Schools helped us run the first ever DoubleCross™ swiss style tournament with 100 kids & G/5 time control.

Followed by a knockout playoff round to determine the DoubleCross™ champion!


is the game where you become your own worst enemy.

DoubleCross™ is the easiest way to play chess. DoubleCross™ takes the best from Chess and leaves the rest. Pure fun & excitement whether you are a novice or a master. DoubleCross levels the playing field so even if it's your first day playing you can beat a world champion. No more excuses are needed for kids or adults who don't feel they play as well as their opponents. This game was created with great care to preserve the purity of chess yet still allows those of lesser skill to fully participate. The goal of DoubleCross™ is to create a new found love of chess for those who don't play, as well as a new challenge for those who are experts.

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DoubleCross™ players

are saying about the game!

Alan Trefler

1975 World Open Chess Co-Champ

"I must admit, I had a lot of fun playing my opponent's pieces. Really terrific game that you must play"

Stuart Chagrin

President of the Marshall Chess Club

"I couldn't buy a deck fast enough after playing my first game of DoubleCross™"

Yuri Lapshun

International Master

"I didn't want to like the game, but I couldn't help it after playing."

Asa Hoffman

The Chess Sparring Partner of Champions Featured in 'Searching for Bobby Fischer'

"It's fun"

Chess NYC

Largest New York City City Chess Organization

"Our kids love DoubleCross™!"

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